NPH Services

NPH has gained vast knowledge in all key areas of the housing market.

Whether a group is considering acquiring and rehabilitating existing housing, or building new structures, NPH can direct a group every step of the way. We offer a wide range of services from planning through construction of your building project followed by property management services.

Through our years of work in the development field, we have assembled a large group of contacts from architects, builders, auditors, suppliers, contractors etc., who are readily available to any group needing those resources.

Property Management

NPH has 32 years of professional property management experience and provides services to the co-op and non-profit sectors.

Our award winning service and expertise allow us to meet all of your property management requirements on a short-term or long-term basis.

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Property Maintenance

Our full-service maintence package assists clients by getting them the most value from their maintenance budgets.

Our property maintenance services can extend the life of your buildings and equipment, minimize vacancies, and increase tenant or member satisfaction.

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Financial Administration

NPH has a strong background in financial management. We have a skilled team to assist our clients with a full range of financial services for co-ops, non-profits and other groups. We have also assisted many projects in difficulty in dealing with their financial crisis.

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Temporary Services

NPH offers a wide range of temporary services to housing boards and private sector companies.

These are typically short term contracts, and services are negotiated on an as-need basis. Fees are structured according to the service provided.

NPH can provide temporary services while a clients staff member is on an extended leave, or the client is in between staffing arrangements. These services can be offered to clients in difficulty as well.

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Housing Development and Capital Repair

NPH can assist co-operative, non-profit and special needs supportive housing groups to apply for funding, work through all of the planning and development processes, and make their housing dreams a reality.

NPH now has experience in the new housing program available through CMHC, the Province and the local Service Manager.

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