Temporary Services

NPH offers a wide range of temporary services to housing boards, private sector companies and clients in difficulty.

These are typically short term contracts, and services are negotiated on an as-need basis. Fees are structured according to the service provided.

Human Resources

Board of directors can  learn professional development in human resource planning through NPH. We also provide support and expertise in hiring, and training permanent staff.

NPH can provide temporary services while staff is on an extended leave, or the client is in between staffing arrangements.


Many housing cooperatives and non profits with a disruption in staffing or who are in financial difficulty need to get immediate control of the receivables owed to them.

NPH has developed a skilled team and procedures to effectively collect owed payments and to attempt to assist the members or tenants to prevent an economic eviction.

Annual RGI Reviews and Calculations

Many clients who have a disruption in staffing need to follow up immediately on RGI calculations to address the legislative requirements under the Housing Services Act or their bylaws if they are a federal co-op.

NPH has a skilled team that can assist a client and/or their staff to review all calculations and send out proper notices. We can complete the calculations or assist staff in learning new regulations so they can do the calculations themselves.

Hands on Training

NPH promotes the development of skills to enable co-op members to actively participate and live together in a co-operative manner and focuses on:

  • Maintenance and finance
  • Member selection and social activities
  • Landscaping Personnel

Administration and Financial Services

  • Provide temporary administration and financial services while staff is on leave
  • Financial management advice and support
  • Budget planning and support

Maintenance Services

  • Routine maintenance system reviews and recommendations
  • Capital maintenance planning and support
  • Development of long range maintenance plans and reports for the service manager/CMHC

Assistance to Boards

  • Assist boards with an organizational review and governance issues
  • Provide reporting to the boards and attend meetings
  • NPH has developed a standard monthly reporting package to Boards of Directors

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