​Co-op Property Management

In 1989 we initiated our Property Management/Operational Services division, in order to provide cooperatives in our area a broad range of services under one umbrella. Additional services for co-ops include:

Marketing and member selection

NPH can assist in carrying out member selection, unit and subsidy allocation and housing agreements and all practices consistent with the objectives of the co-op. 

We also provide a variety of services for committees and Board of Directors.

Maintenance functions

There are a variety of maintenance options available to co-op clients to ensure that they are getting them the most value from their maintenance budgets. 

Along with the services of our skilled maintenance staff, our clients have access to the NPH list of discount trades and suppliers.

Financial administration

On behalf of the Board of Directors and in consultation with other employees, we administer the financial operation of the cooperative. Along with NPH's expertise in a wide range of financial services, there are specific services geared for the co-op housing market.

Other corporate functions specific to co-ops

Co-op clients require other corporate services in order to run smoothly. NPH experts can help clients in other areas such as legal, organizational and government responsibilities.