Property Management & Community Development Team

Our property management and community development services are delivered through a team approach.

Each co-op or non-profit manager who works on site, with the boards, committees, staff and members or tenants, has an assistant.

We have assembled a very knowledgeable group of on-site coordinators and managers with an average of over 12 to 15 years experience in the housing sector.

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Property Managers EXT# Email
Brittany Dobrin N/A
Ian Fripp 217
Jasmin Ali 214
Kathryn Simon N/A
Lydia Pragnell 270
MaryAnne Pynappels 226
Michelle Duval N/A
Patti Brown 217
Robyn Garner 253
Romani Makuloluwa 256
Sue Beck 220
Tonya Gaudet N/A
Tracy Harry 211