About Senior Management

Our senior management staff has many years experience in the co-op and non-profit housing sectors. Active in committees and training with Niagara Regional Housing (NRH), and the Canadian Housing Federation has provided our senior team with diverse knowledge of the housing industry and associated programs.

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Betty Ann has over 42 years of experience in housing development, management, and community development, and is a senior consultant to NPH clients. Betty Ann assisted in the creation of the development of the first housing co-op in Niagara which led to the establishment of Niagara Peninsula Homes. All this work started in 1978. She has been involved in the co-op and non-profit sectors since 1980. Betty Ann provides senior consulting services in regards to Board governance; Financial Management; Capital replacements and provides proposal writing services to apply for capital and energy conservation funding when made available.

Betty Ann has the following accreditations: Certified Instructor for the Co-operative Housing Federation of Canada specializing in the Board of Director workshop and Financial Management; CMHC award for Outstanding Contribution to the Co-op Housing Sector; Co-operative Association of Ontario award in Innovation in CED; YWCA Woman of Distinction in Business in 2000; One of three women named woman of the year in Chatelaine in 2000; Nominated twice for the Premier’s Award by Niagara College and is a recipient of the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Medal.

Betty Ann has also been instrumental in the creation of Niagara Women’s Enterprise Centre (NWEC) which is a registered charity that provides employment training and supports in Hospitality, Office Administration, Retail, Customer Service, Bookkeeping, Food Safety, Smart Serve  and Intro to Construction Trades; Niagara Food Innovations aka Niagara Presents (NFI) a specialty food social enterprise that operates out of Beamsville Ont; NPH Building and Maintenance Services; Team ENERGI – a work experience program for youth in the trades.

Betty Ann is a previous governor of Niagara College Board of Directors; served as Chair of the Central Housing Authority and then Chair of the amalgamated Housing Authority Board in Niagara and recently retired from the Board of Directors of Niagara Regional Housing Board of Directors, of which she was one of the founding board members. She served on that executive during her term. 

Betty Ann Baker: babaker@nphcr.ca | (905) 788-0166 or Toll free: 1-800-565-1274 / ext: 205

Ken Goka: Executive Assistant, Director of Operational Services

Ken has 25 years working experience in property management and is a senior consultant at NPH. He is responsible and accountable for our operations in the area of governance; financial management; Board training and development and dispute resolution to our clients.  Ken handles all resident/member complaints.  

Before joining the team of NPH in 1992, Ken worked with Epidemiology Department of MOH as a Medical Technician in communicable disease control (CDC) and a Mid-Level Manager with World Health Organization’s Primary Health Care program, specializing in immunization and the Cold Chain System. He also worked in a medical laboratory as a Laboratory Technician specializing in immunology, hematology and microbiology among other areas.  

Since Ken joined NPH he began his career in housing as a property manager providing services to several NPH clients in Niagara and promoted to Manager of Housing Operations in 2005 to date.  Ken is a past president of Rooftops Canada International, the Co-op Housing International wing and he served on that Board of Directors for six years.  He later joined the Board of Directors of the Golden Horseshoe Federation and is serving another two year term after a sabbatical.  Ken was part of the Niagara Regional Housing Provider Committee for years and now serves on the Niagara Regional Housing Board of Directors and their Appeals and Tender Award Committees. 

Ken Goka: gokakeneric@nphcr.ca | (905) 788-0166 or Toll free: 1-800-565-1274 / ext: 216