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Social Enterprise

NPH has several years experience in the field of Community Economic Development(CED), and assists residents in housing to create businesses or gain skills to secure employment.

Our expanded focus now includes social enterprise work throughout Niagara in the food sector, education and vocational training, and business development training.

Create your Social Enterprise

NPH assists individuals and groups wanting to embark on a social enterprise initiative and can:

  • Assist an individual or organization with the development of a business plan, agreements and technical details
  • Set up bookkeeping for small business and accounting and financial planning
  • Assistance in creating and delivering a vocational training program in the specialty food industry and small business training program
  • Provide advice on commercial production in the specialty food industry
  • Deliver the specialty food training program anywhere in Canada
  • Assistance in creating an incubator kitchen as a for profit centre

NPH Social Enterprises

Niagara Presents

NPH created Niagara Food Innovations (NFI), to provide technical and manufacturing support to local growers and women home based entrepreneurs focusing on developing and marketing high end gourmet foods made of produce grown in Niagara.

A Niagara label was created so that these products could be sold under the label Niagara Presents and the 'Best of Niagara' gift baskets are available to all our clients at a discounted rate.

Learn more

Niagara Women's Enterprise Centre

To support the social enterprise services we offer, NPH has set up and owns a registered charity called Niagara Women's Enterprise Centre (NWEC).

NWEC provides specialized certificate training programs and supports for the creation of employment and self empoyment opportunities for women, and all the training programs under NWEC are available to all of our clients free to those individuals who qualify.

Learn more, or visit the Niagara Women's Enterprise Centre website.

Building Maintenance Program

The NPH Skills Training Program is broken down into modules and contents are based on a 6 month program option, and a condensed 3 month option. Some programs also may include enhanced options or streams which are tailored towards specific types of work.

Learn more about this program.

To find out more about our social enterprise programs or about creating your own, contact us.

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May 10th, 2018

We're sending a great big thanks to all the sponsors for the 2017 Trivia Night. It was a great success and could not have been done with the help of our sponsors. By supporting that event, they help women in the Niagara, get training, start ...

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  • "NPH fulfills a huge role...they are a key reason for the success for affordable housing in the region."
    - Lora Beckwith, Previous General Manager, Niagara Regional Housing

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